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Hearing Tests and Hearing Aid Fittings in Stony Plain


Hearing Evaluations

If you’ve noticed a change in your hearing, you should see us at Parkland Hearing Inc in Stony Plain right away. Everyone should have a hearing test on file and have it updated regularly. It’s crucial for you to know how good your hearing is to begin with so that if changes occur, you and your hearing practitioner have results to refer back to. If your results are normal, you should have your next test in about four or five years. However, if results reveal hearing loss, you should be fitted with hearing assistance products and tested again in one or two years.

Hearing Aid Fittings

During the fitting process, hearing aid practitioner Colleen Phillips can make fine adjustments to your hearing aids so that they will perform at their best. She can also help you understand your hearing aids’ on-going maintenance, adjustments and possible repairs.

Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing in your ears that often accompanies hearing loss. Medication side effects, head trauma or inner ear damage are also ways that tinnitus can occur. For some, they only feel a mild annoyance. For others, tinnitus can be full debilitating episodes that interfere with their day to day lives and sleep schedule. During your appointment, we can talk to you about possible treatments for your tinnitus.

Repairs and Maintenance

Your hearing aid will require ongoing maintenance checkups and adjustments. We are happy to make any adjustments throughout the life of the hearing aid – just make an appointment.


Hearing Aids

There is a wide range of hearing aid styles and models for our clients in Stony Plain. Once you’ve had your hearing tested, Colleen can go over your options and which style would work best for your needs.

Which Hearing Aid Battery Should I Choose?

Battery life is an important aspect to consider when you are choosing your hearing aids. The smaller battery will last around 3.5 days while the larger ones tend to last around 10 days. Hearing aid batteries are relatively inexpensive either way, but which one you choose depends on whether you would like a less conspicuous battery or would like to replace the battery less frequently.

Custom Molded Ear Plugs

We have a complete line of ear plugs. Use them for noise reduction, swimming, playing music and with Bluetooth devices.

Assistive Listening Products

Besides hearing aids, Parkland Hearing Inc proudly offers household assistive living devices, including Shake Awake alarm clocks, amplified telephones and TV ears. We can go over our catalog when you come in for your appointment.

Funding Options

You have several funding options available to you at Parkland Hearing Inc. We will assist you in determining what benefits are available and how you can access them. Direct billing is available for AADL, WCB, NIHB, Veterans, Military and RCMP.

We are the approved vendor for RCMPAADL, WCB (Alberta, Ontario, BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan), Department of Veteran Affairs and non-insured health benefits.


The brands of hearing assistance products we offer include:

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